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Dr. Shelley – Your Courageous Leadership Coach

Founder/CEO of Leadership Legacy Consulting, LLC and Family Legacy 5 the non-profit organization that sponsors the Leadership Legacy Academy, Dr. Shelley is relentlessly devoted to the elimination of the school to prison pipeline through creating pathways to career and life success.

Dr. Shelley believes that cultural proficiency must be explicitly taught in every space and place that -isms and discrimination has ever lived. Everyone is on the Cultural Proficiency Continuum and the journey through equity-driven leadership to explicitly Anti-Oppressive systemic policies and practices are the conscious choices leaders of schools, workplaces, and homes must make.

She specializes in creating, educating, and supporting the organizational and political cultures for the foundational principles of equity and cultural proficiency to flourish. Schools, communities, organizations, corporations, and the legislature must be intentionally equitable for all which requires strategic focus, courageous leadership, and planned implementation over time.

Dr. Shelley has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a teaching credential through the CalStateTEACH intern credentialing program from California State University, Hayward, a Master of Arts Degree in Urban Educational Leadership from California State University, Sacramento, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California.

If recognizing differences starts at home, cultural proficiency must start there too.

For a parent, losing your child to hate is by far the worst nightmare imaginable. We were spared this pain and used the experience to spark a flame for helping people address issues of oppression in the schools, workplaces, and now communities of families. The prices that operationalized hate costs organizations, companies, and families have always been high and are steadily rising. Whether it is in lawsuits, recruiting, training, or retraining employees, mental anguish, shortened lifespans, epigenetic trauma, or broken families, the high price of hate continues to impact us all.

We began on a journey to address the very seeds of systemic racism that we know exist in corporations, organizations and institutions, all around us after almost losing our oldest son to racialized hate in a former sundown community. Thankfully he is doing amazing as a college student-athlete and homeowner, but the experience was traumatizing for our entire family. Being an educational family, we knew that racism also originates and permeates in homes across America. What started over 15 years ago as an instructional equity consulting organization has quickly risen to become a leader in facilitating interracial conversations about race, using the development of historical racial literacy as a tool to address and understand mental models around race. Working in school districts, cities, police departments, companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations across America and beyond, we know that developing a shared understanding of the history of race relations helps remove shame and blame and allows us to move forward together.

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Our Mission at Leadership Legacy Consulting

We Believe

A better world is possible for us all if we can discuss “controversial” topics like race and culture without feeling shame, blame, or victimization.

We Will

Build empathy and equity through shared learning and growth experiences.

We Know

Our future depends on Courageous Leadership, in the spaces racism and oppression exist, where we Live, Learn, & Earn.

We Are

Professionals who understand how to build safe spaces for brave action.

We Commit

To eliminate the Prison Pipeline by creating pipelines to Career and Life Success.

We Offer

Racial, Cultural, and Educational Equity Solutions including services, products, experiences, and advocacy for individuals, schools, districts, organizations, corporations, and families.

We Support

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