Inspiring tomorrow's courageous leaders by exemplifying equity leadership today

The world is changing, and you don’t want to be left without the tools you need to be inclusive, kind, and educated. Maybe no one has taught you what you need to know. Perhaps you’re feeling scared to say the wrong thing or ill-equipped to navigate today’s environment. 

We’re help to help without shame, blame, or victimization. The truth is, discrimination affects us all, which means we’re in this together. We’ll help you find exactly what you need for your unique situation, whether leading your family at home or leading a team at school or work.

Your Vision, Your Leadership, Your Legacy, Our Support!

The Leadership Legacy Group, is led by award-winning educator and Cultural Proficiency expert Dr. Shelley. Since 2000, Leadership Legacy Consulting, LLC has provided guidance and expertise to organizations of all sizes from various industries. We’re here to help you realize the possibilities, both personally and professionally, when we collectively engage in learning and growing our understanding of equity and cultural proficiency.

We assist in addressing equity issues, including those related to race, with kindness and without shame, blame, judgment, or victimization.

We provide you with safe spaces to take brave action where you live, learn, and earn!

We're all on this journey together; let's approach racial equity and educational equity with kindness and commitment, working together to end systemic oppression.

We specialize in Equity-Driven Courageous Leadership training, facilitation, and support for leaders at school, work, and home.

Discover the leader within you!

Have you ever felt a bit uneasy when engaging with people different from yourself? It's completely okay, and expressing such feelings should be welcomed, not judged or ridiculed.

Is your school actively striving to provide equitable opportunities for everyone, acknowledging and responding to cultural differences?

If you're seeking genuine change but aren't sure where to start, this course is designed just for you. Let's explore who you are as a leader, with kindness and understanding every step of the way.

"Thankful for the expertise, knowledge, and guidance Dr. Shelley brought to our work here in Jackson County! As a result of our learning, assessment, and planning with Dr. Shelley we are on an intentional path to lead for equity and are making progress!!"


"It did prompt me to reach out and let you know I miss seeing you and continue to feel the training/work you did with the Collaborative Network was incredibly helpful to me both professionally and also personally. "

Bethany Stutzman
Senior Director of Community Impact

Courageous Leadership with Dr. Shelley


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