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Companies, institutions, and the public sector are all facing challenges like never before. Dr. Shelley's inspirational and motivational messaging addresses some of today's issues in ways that get to the heart of these controversial issues by placing them in a historical, societal, and anthropological context. She leaves you with a desire to build your own cultural-historical literacy, to develop empathy for the experiences of others without shame,  blame, or victimization. Join the movement towards cultural proficiency and racial equity.

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Workshop & Keynotes


Speaking Topics include:

  • The Journey to Liberation

    • Historical Racial Literacy: Understanding the Racialized History of Public Education and Policing

    • Cultural Proficiency

  • Courageous Equity Leadership for educators (Learn)

    • Multi-Tiered System of Supports

    • Instructional Rounds

    • Restorative Practices

  • Courageous Family Leadership (Live)

    • 5 Pillars of Family Leadership

    • Anti-Racist Family Leadership

    • Inter-racial and intergenerational conversations about Race

  • Courageous Professional Leadership (Earn)

    1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

    2. Anti-racism and Racial Equity Policy and Governance

Dr. Shelley is available for live and virtual events!

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Trusted by schools, companies, and families all around the country

I’ve been through data analysis courses and trainings, but it really clicked with Dr. Shelley. She gave us tools to use and walked us through the process of analyzing and game planning in a step-by-step process, resulting in not just improved test scores but also teaching strategies and pedagogy districtwide. Dr. Shelley changed the conversations in our district to be focused on what matters most!

— F. Yost, School Board Trustee

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