Need help navigating sensitive topics and conversations
in your very public role?

Executive leadership coaching and strategic planning for those who want to know better and do better.

You've worked hard to get the job, now what do you do? Every great leader, every great player, every great anything has a coach. Do you?

We have a team of coaching professionals with real-world practical experience available at your convenience. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, we help clients unleash their fullest potential, paving the way towards both professional success and personal balance.

We help you plan the work and support your team to work the plan while navigating the highly political and polarizing landscape of today's world. 

Current times require leaders to make large-scale and in some cases life-changing decisions related to sensitive and controversial topics such as race, poverty, sexual orientation, and gender with little to no time or training for deep multi-perspective understanding.

To add to these dynamics many of these decisions are very public and can have long-lasting, career-determining consequences. From a political perspective asking the wrong question publicly or choosing the incorrect wording could lead to unintended detrimental consequences, but that doesn't mean the questions don't need to be thought through and answered, or that you are not entitled to your own perspective.

So how do you navigate and still do what you believe is right? You need someone to help you think through this with an equity lens that can help you develop your own. You need a coach!


We support educational and corporate leaders to strategically address issues of equity through confidentially building their own knowledge and skillset to authentically approach these matters with thoughtful, strategic, collective actions. We allow you to be free to ask questions and increase your knowledge with a leader who understands your situation and is there to help you make the best decisions with an objective understanding of these emotional topics.

We specialize in confidential equity leadership coaching and equity action planning for all levels including:

  • C-Level Executives,

  • Governing Boards,

  • Law Enforcement Leadership,

  • Local and State Government Elected Officials,

  • Legislative Advocates and Policy Makers,

  • Union Leaders,

  • School and District Leaders,

  • Organizational and Non-Profit Leaders, and

  • Community Organizers.


  • Focusing on the roles closest to students including classroom and school-level educators, classified staff, principals, and principal supervisor, we provide Instructional and Organizational Leadership Coaching alongside Needs-Based Strategic Planning so that we truly support your leadership, your vision, and your legacy.


Our team is composed of dedicated families of all types and sizes who have tons of tips, strategies and supports for you as you lead your family. We help you put the Five Pillars to work in your home and begin to see positive changes based on your specific needs. 

  • Designed for C-Level leaders, superintendents, and boards

  • Executive and Organizational Leadership Coaching

  • Board Leadership Coaching

    • Looking for resources for your Equity Team or Taskforce?

    • Looking for training for your leadership team, departments, new or existing equity leaders

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Every great leader, athlete, performer, or creator has had coaching and mentorship along the way. Why would you be any different? If topics like racism, classism, privilege, power, homosexuality, transgender, ageism, and systemic oppression make you uncomfortable, allow us to help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

You CAN lead during these times and address these topics in a way that promotes equity, empathy, and unity! You CAN lead without feeling shame and blame for the actions of your ancestors or predecessors! You CAN lead and you are still in control of your leadership legacy!

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