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Embracing Hope: Our Journey Towards Inclusive Conversations

Enduring the heartbreaking loss of a child to hate is a tragedy no parent should face. Fortunately, we were spared this pain and turned our experience into a driving force for addressing oppression in schools, workplaces, and communities. The costs of institutionalized hate are high and on the rise—manifesting in lawsuits, recruitment hurdles, employee training, mental health challenges, diminished lifespans, epigenetic trauma, and fractured families.

Our journey began after almost losing our eldest to racialized hate in a former sundown community. While he now thrives as a college student-athlete and homeowner, the experience was traumatic for our entire family. As an educational family, we understand that racism permeates homes across America. What started as an instructional equity consulting organization over 15 years ago has transformed into a leader facilitating compassionate interracial conversations about race. We employ historical racial literacy to address and understand mental models around race, collaborating with diverse entities such as school districts, cities, police departments, companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We firmly believe that fostering a shared understanding of the history of race relations is essential for removing shame and blame, allowing us to move forward together with kindness and empathy.

Our Mission at Leadership Legacy Consulting

We Believe

A better world is possible for us all if we can discuss “controversial” topics like race and culture without feeling shame, blame, or victimization.

We Know

Our future depends on Courageous Leadership, in the spaces racism and oppression exist, where we Live, Learn, & Earn.

We Commit

To eliminate the Prison Pipeline by creating pipelines to Career and Life Success.

We Will

Build empathy and equity through shared learning and growth experiences.

We Are

Professionals who understand how to build safe spaces for brave action.

We Offer

Racial, Cultural, and Educational Equity Solutions including services, products, experiences, and advocacy for individuals, schools, districts, organizations, corporations, and families.

We Support