Our Partners

Dr. Lawrence Rasheed

Dr. Rasheed, with 25+ years in education, is the African American Student Faculty/Coordinator at Lane Community College. He directs programs, advises the Black Student Union, and teaches at the University of Oregon and Pacific University. He founded R.A.A.M.P. for Black males, initiated the first Black Male Studies course in Oregon, and supports equity in Mt. Diablo Unified Schools. Dr. Rasheed holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, actively participates in committees, and advocates for Black youth through community outreach. His mission is reshaping perceptions and celebrating the achievements of African American males.

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Tasha R. D. Hicks

Since August 2018, I've managed the ASSETS After School Program, coordinating budgeting, staffing, attendance, and compliance. Collaborating with site and district administration, I integrate the program into our campus culture, focusing on the academic and social-emotional needs of African-American students. I support teachers, create a safe learning environment, and provide resources for students to explore higher-level goals on their journey to college and beyond.

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Tovi Scuggins-Hussein

"We cannot teach what we do not embody. We lead from who we BE, not just what we DO. In order to transform our schools, organizations, and systems we must first transform ourselves."

Tovi is internationally recognized for leadership development at all levels of our systems so that we have a greater resilience, courageous conversations, the ability to dismantle inequities, and greater connection to self and others.

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Antonio Cediel

"Help us equip leaders to better prepare children and youth for college and careers."

First Revolution Consulting which trains and coaches a range of educational, corporate, and nonprofit leaders throughout the country. He also helps lead the national LIVE FREE Campaign to end urban gun violence and mass incarceration and has written on these topics for the New York Yimes, USA Today, and other publications.

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Deborah Keyes Write

Deborah L. Keyes Write is the Founder/National Board Governance & Equity Transformation Consultant for The Write Keys 2 Consulting, LLC. Formerly, Ms. Keyes Write was the Director of Equity and Counsils at the National Black & Hispanic groups who govern underserved children around the country in public education.

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Our thanks to these clients who have trusted us on their anti-racism journey.


From the perspective of law enforcement, we aren't really moved by much. Dr. Shelley's approach to understanding the role of penal code vs. ed code in schools is critical to changing how we think about having law enforcement interacting in schools. She makes it very clear how the admin/SRO team must work to benefit students, educators, communities, and keep schools safe. Every SRO and Admin team should be required to train together with her before entering schools.

M. Sissace, Chief of Police

"Learning what feedback really is and what it isn't from the trainings with Dr. Shelley Jones-Holt has been a game-changer! My teachers are now equipping their students with actual SOUND feedback that is impacting the students' progress in tremendous ways, and the students are using the feedback with each other better as a result too!"

Allie Carrico, Faith-Based Teacher and Administrator

"Dr. Shelley Jones-Holt is a force of nature. Her level of commitment, passion, and love for work she does is life-changing for anyone who has the fortune to work with her. She is not for the weak-willed or insecure as she is undaunted by hard conversations that need to happen in today's climate to create change. I'm blessed to have worked with such an amazing leader of leaders with such a deep empathy for all vulnerable student populations and adult needs."

Jodi Dillon, Teacher and Business Owner

"Working with Dr. Jones-Holt was and is a very inspiring experience. Her personalized leadership approach and relentless push towards my personal excellence motivated me to be the best and not to be complacent with traditional accolades. She continues to raise the bar of becoming a change agent from equity for both educators and students."

R. Harris, High School Administrator

"I found this professional development to be the most beneficial, was very engaging. Seriously the best presenter we have had so far!"

Climate and Culture Coach

"I like the way she got us actively involved in thinking strategies without us even knowing it. Then she related how we had just done it and that we could also use it in the classroom. IDEA TREASURES!"

Teacher in Appoquinnomik

"Thank you for treating us like competent professionals. I appreciate that you recognize us as the experts in our areas. Dr. Shelley made the delivery of information that could've been very dry and controversial interesting and thought-provoking. Thank you for extending my thinking with grace and empathy!"

Teacher in Appoquinnomik

"I've been through data analysis courses and trainings, but it really clicked with Dr. Shelley. She gave us tools to use and walked us through the process of analyzing and game planning in a step-by-step process, resulting in not just improved test scores but also teaching strategies and pedagogy districtwide. Dr. Shelley changed the conversations in our district to be focused on what matters most!"

F. Yost, School Board Trustee