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How Are You Supporting Your BIPOC In Your Role?

anti-racist family leadership Mar 10, 2019

Do you have a multicultural workforce or team that you lead?

If you do, how are you intentionally protecting and supporting your BIPOC in your role?
There are plenty of leaders on this site who want to know and learn more. Unfortunately, it seems there are equal numbers still choosing to deny racism exists and choose to berate others in their own fragility. This disease seems to afflict white males more than any other identity.
As leaders in our workspaces and community, what role do we play when we do not speak up or set expectations around societal privilege?
I am shocked daily at how many overtly disrespectful, dismissive, and yes racist individuals share their perspective by putting down others publicly and yet are still employed.
How do the American workforce leaders hold racism and systemic oppression in place? How are these people able to show their true colors and remain employed?
What actions would you take if you found out your HR leader, or any other person, was on here trolling and traumatizing BIPOC? You see we don't need a DEI program to get this right, sometimes it is just the courage to call it out and do what is right to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
What are you doing today to celebrate Daisy Bates and protect your employees and others?

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