How Has The World Acknowledged The Harm Of Slavery?

In the simplest terms, it hasn’t, which has caused an excessive amount of consternation and cognitive dissonance in America and around the world. As racialized violence continues to spread, it appears that the nation is still not ready to acknowledge the pain and harm caused by the enslavement of people of African descent. Recently, while reading Caste by _____, I came across a segment where it speaks to the challenges Nazi Germany was having in considering what to do about its “Jewish problem.” As they looked worldwide at how people were treating the undesirables in their communities, they spoke to the way America was lunching, burning, tar and feathering, and other heinous acts of brutality against people of African descent too brutal. As such, they chose to go with gas chambers as a more “humane method to dispose of the undesirables” in their communities.

Aside from the fact that human beings are being labeled as “undesirable,” it should...

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